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My go-to red lipsticks

My go-to red lipsticks

I've always been a fan of a bold lip, however, it's something that I usually wear for special occasions. One of my goals this year is to wear red lipstick more often, there's something about it that makes people feel powerful, sexy and confident.

I used to fear wearing a red lip because it commands attention, rather than subtly hinting at it. I've searched high and low for a perfect shade of red that also felt comfortable on the lips, was affordable and had staying power. I've finally narrowed my choices down to three, which all have uses for different occasions.


Milani Color Statement Lipliner in True Red ($4)

This lipliner is the most affordable of the bunch and is extremely pigmented when applied. I like to wear this when I want something less heavy duty  and natural looking on my lips. The lipliner alone doesn't have much staying power since it fades and feathers slightly throughout the day, but if it's paired with a lipstick such as Maybelline's Creamy Mattes, it stays on all day.

Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lip Color in Rich Ruby ($6)

This lipstick has surprised many beauty gurus due to its high quality application, despite being under $10. It's pigmented, moisturizing, and stays on well, however, if you start drinking anything from a glass, it'll leave a pretty stubborn lipstick print. I've used this lipstick the most often because of how moisturizing and comfortable it is, it's been my go to for about a year and a half now, until I discovered the liquid lipstick from Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Sarafine ($20)

I used to not understand the hype about liquid lipsticks. I always thought they were uncomfortable and drying, but then I tried this one. I'm more partial to reds with blue undertones because not only do they make teeth look whiter, to me they also look more luxurious and high end than an orange-red lipstick that looks identical to a Crayola colored pencil. This lipstick is the most pigmented of the bunch and has the most staying power. It won't leave lipstick prints on glasses and napkins unless you eat something greasy, and even then, it's only the inner portion of the lip that's affected. It feels light and doesn't dry out your lips, but be careful when you apply it, because when it dries, this stuff stays. If you're looking for a red that has more color depth and can last through pretty much anything, this is it.

For many people, red lipstick seems too bold, too attention grabbing and also too complicated. There's orange and blue undertones, and it takes time to find the shade that makes you want to wear red lipstick all the time. But a bold lip can make the people who wear it feel more confident than they feel without it. Fearing bold, red lipstick is just a state of mind. When you wear it you have to own it and once you do, people will start to see how well that red lipstick, and attitude, suit you.

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