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Is it worth it? Living Proof Night Cap Overnight Perfector

Is it worth it? Living Proof Night Cap Overnight Perfector

I first found this product on the Sephora website, while trying to find ways to tame my freshly cut hair that seemed to protest the fact that I cut it. For the past week, my hair had been dry, frizzy, and overall unmanageable. I longed for the days when I was eight and my hair was long, shiny, and easy to take care of. When I hit my awkward stage in 6th grade, my hair became frizzy, wavy and an overall strange texture. My hair more toward my neck is smooth, shiny, and straight, whereas the rest of my hair is frizzy and wavy. Strange, right? I have two different hair types, and I have my dad's wavy hair mixed with my mom's straight hair thank for that. After reading page after page of reviews on this product, I finally decided to cough up the $28 for a tiny product that promised to do wonders.

1) The packaging

There's nothing to rave about when it comes to the actual bottle. It's straight forward, with a pump to dispense the product. It's a nice size for travel, and has a matte finish, which looks expensive and classy if you leave it on your bathroom counter.

2) The product itself

I first dispensed a small amount of the product onto the back of my hand to test the texture and absorption. It's more of a watery substance than a gel like substance and absorbed quickly into my skin. The smell was something I had never really smelled before, a hint of a fruity fragrance mixed with cologne, but nothing terrible.

3) The directions

Living Proof claims that you only need to use this product once every five washes. I definitely did not believe this because when has anything ever lasted as long as the company says it will? I figured two or three washes would be a more accurate estimate. You're supposed to dispense two to three pumps on damp or dry hair before bed and wake up with more manageable hair for the next five days.

4) The results

I was pleasantly surprised with the results the first day; my hair was more manageable and shiny, it felt softer, and was less of a hassle for me in the morning. After I washed my hair and it was starting to air dry, I noticed it was much less frizzy than it usually was after I washed it. After the third day, same thing, and even into the forth day, it was still more manageable. Once I got to the fifth day, it seemed to be back to its old self but needless to say, I was pretty impressed.

Then, I got to the second week I used it and I dispensed the product into my hair once again. This time, I didn't get nearly the same results. My hair was a little more manageable and soft, but it was not as easy to work with as it had been the previous week. So I began to wonder, was I having a bad hair week this week? Or was I having a good hair week last week?

The third week I tried it, I harbored the same results as the second week.

5) Is it worth it? 

This product is worth it if you want to try something new, and have the spare money in your pocket. But, if you have to search the couch cushions and under your bed to find extra change to buy this product, take your money and find a cheaper alternative.

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