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I celebrated my break up in the most extra way I knew how

I celebrated my break up in the most extra way I knew how

Let me just start off by saying I’m an extra person to begin with. On top of that, I can be petty in certain (read: most) situations, but if there’s one thing I don’t typically mess with, it’s break ups. I don’t like when those situations get messy, nor do I try to complicate them. But in this particular instance, my pettiness got the best of me. 

My ex and I had our fair share of problems, most of them involving emotional manipulation. Without going into details for the sake of his privacy and mine, I decided to break it off after a few months of dating. At the time of the break up, he made me feel worthless, and I was finally beginning to see how the way he treated me reflected how I saw myself. 

Fast forward to almost a year later, he reached out to me again, despite having a girlfriend. 

This is where things got messy. I was in my senior year of college about to graduate with a job lined up, and he was like a ghost from my past coming back to haunt me just as everything was coming together the way I had always hoped they would. In my opinion, the messages he sent me were not appropriate for someone with a girlfriend to say to an ex, and after this time, he kept finding excuses to message me, which ultimately ended up putting me in bad moods. Before you ask why I didn’t just block him, blocking him didn’t stop him from reaching out to me through other means including reaching out to my friends. 

Finally, I decided enough is enough, and I wanted to once and for all celebrate my break up the way I should have done in the first place: with a party. I went back to the date that we broke up and it was luckily on a day my friends could convene to celebrate with me. This party was not just about getting my point across to him that he needed to back off, this was also my way of celebrating one full year of taking control of my life again. I emerged from the break up more confident than I had been before, because I began to understand my self-worth and hold myself to higher standards. 

So yes, this party started as me being petty and angry at the fact that he thought he could reach out to me and come back into my life after the cruel things he said to me in the past. But it soon became less about celebrating the break up and more about celebrating how far I have come since then, and how much happier I have been since. 

My friends got a kick out of it and we got to enjoy each other’s company over slices of cheesecake and mojitos, which is really the way I should have dealt with my break up in the first place. This was a do-over, and a final goodbye to the harmful things he said that I had no idea I still carried with me. I left that party feeling lighter and smiling wider, knowing that I not only successfully took my life back, but also that he would see it on social media because my extra self couldn’t help but post pictures.

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